Emil Ruder: Design Hero.
In a multi-media project to celebrate the designers who influence and inspire design today, I studied Emil Ruder's thoughtful and minimalistic, yet groundbreaking work. To honor Ruder, I created a poster, booklet, website prototype, and animation.

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communications studio ii
+Visual Identity
An informational poster walking through the timeline of Emil Ruder's life, career, and design.

Trim Size: 19.25 x 31.75 in.
A 17 page booklet featuring Emil Ruder's work and design philosophy. Created in his iconic style and strictly based on his unique nine-by-nine grid system, the booklet is an homage to the impact Ruder left on the world.

Trim Size: 8.25 x 10.5 in., 17 pg.
Although Ruder was foremost a designer, he was equally as much a teacher. This animation is a retelling in designer and student, Helmut Schmid's words of the classroom environment that Ruder cultivated.

Duration: 1:28.
A mobile kiosk exploring everything about Emil Ruder.

Walkthrough Duration: 2:23.
As my first large-scale multi-media project, this was an opportunity to embrace classic Swiss design through the lens of information communication and the transformation of an iconic designer.