SEGD Edinburgh: Placemaking
Identity for a hypothetical SEGD conference in Edinburgh, Scotland—focused on placemaking, a design practice centered in transforming public spaces to strengthen connections with community.This visual design system includes a custom type specimen and spans print, environmental graphics, and digital components to create a fresh modern feel without losing any of Edinburgh's historical charm.
environmental type
+Visual Identity
+Environmental Type
Inspired by illuminated manuscripts, the city signage harkens to older days of Scotland, leaning into the setting of the conference. I wanted to modernize the traditional type without making it feel out of place.
This large-scale faux-stained glass installation would exist outside the main entrance to the conference, McEwan Hall. Given the large plaza outside of the hall, the installation can provide a great wayfinding opportunity from far distances and a photo-op for people visiting the conference.
Also for the conference, I created a website homepage, a scotch whiskey favour, and nametags for the speakers, staff, and attendees.
A big part of exploring this event branding for me was flexing my blackletter calligraphy training. I really wanted to play around with the very archaic-feeling lettering system to make it feel contemporary and playful. After I found my rounded-terminal blackletter, I looked to creating other assets, reminiscent of more illuminated manuscripts but again with that contemporary edge.